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5 Ways to level up your appearance & feel more confident

Smelling good:

This is actually my favorite tip. When you smell good, you feel prettier and even appear prettier. Find a scent that you love! I had a self care day and went to The Scent Bar in Hollywood and had fun trying out different scents. They gave me a few samples in addition to my purchase. Find your local scent store and try out some new scents!


Have 1-3 hair styles that you know enhance your face shape and personal style. Whether that’s dark hair in winter, lighter hair in summer or bangs , to name a few options. Finding the right hair styles can really level up your appearance and make you feel great!

Skincare and Makeup:

Be sure to moisturize your skin day and night. It’s truly makes a difference! Then head to Sephora, Ulta or your local beauty store and try out new skin care products until you find the right fit for your skin type. I personally love Youth to the People. Their products have done wonders for my skin! When I moved from the Bay area to LA I realized the air was dry and had to change my products to ensure my skin was taken care of and well moisturized. Here are more skincare products that I love!

Moving on to makeup, you can have fun with this! Try out different brands and shades until you find the right shade for your skin. If you want to better identify your skin tone and undertone I have a blog post about identifying your undertone and learning how to dress/what make up to wear to compliment your undertone. This will help you find the right foundation, highlight, lip colors, outfits, etc. Additionally, here is my makeup routine using my favorite products.


Which brings me to my next tip: clothes… dressing for your undertone, body type, making sure you are wearing clothes that fit, are the right colors for you and make you feel good about yourself is critical to leveling up your look and feeling confident. I’ve definitely gone out and worn clothes that were too tight or short and felt extremely uncomfortable and that’s all I could think about… and that’s not fun! And we deserve to have fun and live our best lives. For more on dressing for your body type check out my three part series on the different body types and how to dress well for them.


Walking and sitting with your shoulders back is so important! Slouching is so easy to do but can really take away from your beauty! Be sure to remember to stand and sit up straight and you will automatically look and feel better about yourself.

I hope this was helpful! Subscribe for more beauty & lifestyle tips :)



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