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Skincare routines evolve over time - New skincare must-haves

Let's talk skincare evolution! Like everything else in life, finding the right products for your skin will be a journey. I have gone to many dermatologists throughout my life and have not found a match. It was unclear to one dermatologist why I expressed concern about the bleaching properties in one of his recommendations... that's when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Side note: Since climate changes affect your skin, it is vital to experiment with new products to support your skin's needs at all times.

Additionally, blogging gives you a chance to see how you evolve. I wrote a blog post about my skincare routine in Feb 2022 and after being exposed to new brands and products at Youtube's Beauty Fest in June 2022, I am excited to share my new faves with you!

Check out my new favorite skincare products:

Face Wash:

Youth to the People's Superfood Cleanser is everything!! Literally, I can praise dance about this cleanser. The ingredients include: Kale, Spinach, Green Tea, Alfalfa, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and feels extremely lightweight on my skin. I truly look forward to washing my face every night because this cleanser leaves my face feeling so smooth, and so fresh and so clean, clean *outkast voice*

Is Overwashing a thing?

For so long, I thought I needed to wash my face twice a day, morning and night. However, in the past year, I've received advice from some of my favorite beauty bloggers andallure.c that at a minimum, you should wash your face at night to remove your make-up and remove dirt and oils. Washing your face twice a day is up for debate and dependent on the type of skin you have and how your skin feels in the morning.

Experts at say: "A good rule of thumb: If your skin feels dry or flaky in the morning, skip the wash for a purifying face oil instead. (FYI, the only reason you should ever need to wash your face more than twice a day is to remove something like saltwater after a swim in the ocean or a sweaty workout, Ciraldo says.)"


My fave face oil these days is: Sunday Riley's C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil . The face oil I'm using has helped brighten and lighten the pigmentation on my acne scars, a problem I've had for years.

Speaking of Acne Scar pigmentation, my grandma also recommended Nadinola skin discoloration fade cream and I have seen a difference in my skin after using the aforementioned Turmeric Face oil and Nadinola cream.


If you love being in the sun like I do, be sure to apply sunscreen after applying your favorite products! My fave sunscreens are Black girl sunscreen and Supergoop, specifically the Glow Stick. Neither of these sunscreens leave the dreaded white casts, which is already an A in my book!

Night creams:

Youth to the People's Superberry Hydrate + Glow dream mask is also a fan favorite. This is another product I get excited to apply a night, feeling nourishing and soft on my skin

Pro tip: Make sure all applications you make for your face (creams or serums) are applied to your neck also

Daily Reminder: Stay hydrated, moisturized, and mind your own business. Happy hydrating!



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