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How to dress for your Body Type: Part 3

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Happy Fashion & Beauty Friday!

Welcome to the Final Segment of "How to Dress for your Body Type" Femme Series.

This week, I am highlighting the Final 2 body types: Round , and Diamond!

Have you identified your body type yet? If not, check out "How to Dress for your Body Type" Part 1. You will find a guide on how to measure your body and identify your shape to find clothes that work best for your body type.

As discussed, no body type is “bad” it’s only a matter of how you dress for it!

Femme Body Types- How to dress for your body

Round body types: have an upper body that is bigger than the lower body, no defined waist, slim hips and broad shoulders. They also have great legs. It can be a tricky silhouette to dress, especially when buying off the peg

Tip 1: Create waist definition - Go for belted dresses

Tip 2: Full skirts work great for this body shape as they make the hips appear fuller.

Tip 3: Wide leg pants will look great on you as they elongate your legs and also creates an even balanced look.

Tip 4: Wear tops with interesting necklines, like v-necks to keep the eyes moving upwards.

Tip 5: Wearing tops with vertical lines will help elongate your torso and creates a leaner look, wear them to your advantage.

Tip 6: You have beautiful legs, go for cute shoes with embellished details, this will keep the focus downwards and away from your midsection.

Tip 7: Bold jewelry and scarves will keep the focus on your face

For more tips on dressing for a Round body type, check out this resource !

Diamond body types -If you have broader hips than shoulders, a narrow bust, and a fuller waistline, you have what’s called a diamond body shape.With this type, you may carry a little more weight in your upper legs. You may also have slender arms

Tip 1: Wear straight cut and flared trousers. This will fill out your narrow legs.

Tip 2: Wear longer jackets. This will help in giving you a waistline and cover the wide midriff.

Tip 3: Wear flared skirts and dresses. This will again fill out your lower body and make your midriff look smaller or in line with your lower body.

Tip 4: Wear shirts with vertical lines and big collars. The lines will make your midriff look slimmer and the big collar will make your shoulders wide.

For more tips on dressing for a Diamond body type, check out this resource !

I hope you enjoyed this series! Although this is the final segment of the "How to dress for your body type" series, I will continue to provide more fashion tips! Stay tuned for what is to come :) Have an amazing day!


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