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Styling your Look: A form of self care

Here are 5 reasons why getting dressed, putting effort into your outfit and styling your look is a form of self love and self care:

  1. Work/Life Balance

  2. Reduction in anxiety

  3. Maintaining a healthy Relationship with Yourself

  4. You get to express yourself and your creativity

  5. Increases Productivity

Work/Life Balance:

Since the beginning of the pandemic a good majority of us were asked to work from home. I remember initially thinking, "what day is it", "what time is it" , etc. A good way to distinguish between personal and professional is by getting dressed.

Work life balance is important! For example M-F I get up, workout, shower, I do my makeup, hair, and put on an outfit that makes me feel good . That way I have a dedicated time for when my work day begins . At the end of the work day, the earrings come off, maybe I throw my hair in a bun and change clothes to signal that the work day is over. If you are rolling out of bed in pjs or sweats and just grabbing your laptop there can be a mental confusion on when the day ends and begins in terms of work so getting dressed creates that boundary. It makes you feel good and makes you want to get your work done

Reduction in anxiety:

Transitioning from 2021 to 2022, we have enough to worry about. One thing you don't want to have to worry about is running into someone while you are looking "messy", unkempt or anything of the sort. Or maybe you're someone where because there is a lot going in the world , you're just happy to get out of the door in one piece lol. Both feelings are valid but I know personally if I run out of the house , pandemic or not and I am not dressed in a way that feels in alignment with who I know I am, the anxiety of seeing someone I know or seeing someone cute that I want to know , is at an all time high.

SO let's eliminate that! It does not have to be a fancy outfit by any means. I actually prefer a cute matching sweatsuit or ensemble to run errands, go for a walk, etc. You can be casual but putting more effort into putting together a cohesive outfit will relieve anxiety for sure!

Maintaining a healthy Relationship with Yourself:

Letting yourself go in any way is a slippery slope. If you skip getting dressed, and are always wearing sweats and pajamas, you will then start skipping your workouts that start skipping dinner, and always ordering takeout. And then you start declining zoom hangouts/social interactions because you are wearing the same pajamas or sweats from 3 days ago. It’s easy to eventually start letting yourself go, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In order to keep that healthy relationship with yourself, it is helpful to get dressed. At the end of the day, we are stuck with ourselves, all the time, especially during this pandemic , so it’s really important to maintain that healthy relationship with yourself. This is great way to build and maintain your confidence and create a stronger bond and love with your inner self

You get to express yourself and Creativity:

Style is a form of self expression. Self expression is important. It helps you remember who you are! Get dressed and reconnect with yourself. It will feel good!

Increases Productivity

You are more likely to "show up" when you get dressed. You are also

more inclined to turn your camera on a GVC when you put together a look, did your make up, hair, etc. Getting dressed signals to yourself to know that it’s "go time"- your brain has triggers from years of conditioning. Your subconscious mind knows that when you get dressed, it’s time to get stuff done. Your brain knows that when you still have pajamas on, crust in your eyes, sweats, no bra, etc that you are in chill, sleepy, relaxed mode.

It’s not going to fire off the same magic as when you sit at your desk and intentionally get dressed! Getting dressed makes you feel good, and makes you want to get your work done

I hope you enjoyed this short read! If you are looking for a little direction on how to find the best colors based on your skintone/undertone, feel free to hop over to "Are you dressing for your undertone?!" blog post :)


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