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What's your Address? Sky View- Dubai

Read more about my stay at the world renowned hotel, Address Sky View in Dubai!

Did you know that the Burj Khalifa standing at 160 stories is the tallest Building in the world?! Well at the Address Sky View you get a direct view of the Tallest building in the world; while enjoying a cocktail in their infinity pool! Address Sky View's world renowned infinity pool was actually in 2021 Guinness World Records for being the Tallest infinity pool in the world.

The hotel as a whole is very classy. It is made up of two towers. One is occupied by hotel rooms, and the other is occupied by 5-6 room residences! The lobby lounge is an architectural dream (video below) with abundant natural light, marble floors, revolving doors, and trees lining the foyer.

I love to people watch and the lobby lounge is a great place to do so! You will see people in business meetings or families gathering around the chess board at one of the lobby tables; speaking a myriad of languages. If you walk straight through the lobby doors across the foyer, you will enter one of the two pool areas. I did not spend too much time there but it looked open and fun (pictured below)!

Please note that no professional cameras are allowed to be used at the hotel without permission. If you do plan on capturing professional photos, email the hotel about 1 month in advance for permission. They are very strict with this rule so I would not take the suggestion lightly lol

If you take a walk past the receptionist desk, you will see a desk where an associate can help you book excursions. We booked the Desert Safari tour (future blog). I highly recommend!

As you continue walking down the hallway, you will find a jewelry store accompanied by other boutiques like most hotels. And if you're having a long day and need a quick "pick me up" you can find an espresso bar in the chamber in the far right corner!

On the opposite side of the lobby lounge you will see a cafe called "Patisserie" with decadent pastries and cakes. A little further down you will come across a BEAUTIFUL glass green house esc courtyard where you can enjoy your complimentary gourmet breakfast and dinner! Can you say "tea garden house goals"!! I mean seriously, every area on the first floor could have easily been taken out of Architectural Digest!

Additionally, you can enjoy a poolside brunch with the restaurant. The operation hours are every Friday, 10am to 4pm for pool access and 12pm to 4pm for brunch access.

Moving on to the suite...I did not take too many photos but it was also very classy. When you walk in, you see the closet space that is open and designed similar to that of a master closet with dark cherry wood cabinets, recess lighting and mirrors. The next section is the bathroom with marble floors and wall tiles, stainless steel faucet knobs with LED lights on the mirrors. It was a very luxurious vibe all the way through to the balcony!

The bedroom is open with remote controlled lighting, heating, air conditioning, tv , curtains and room service. We took advantage of the room service (shown below) and the menu was great and quality food!

After enjoying the beautiful balcony view we decided to venture up to the Infinity pool at the "iconic Sky deck". You will find a large lounging sky deck with private cabanas and dry and wet bar seating. This area is only open 9 am to 7pm.

Adjacent to the sky deck, you will find, Cé La Vie Dubai, Rooftop dining sky bar. Apparently there is another one in Singapore! Think two words, "grown and sexy". Spending a night at this hip rooftop sky bar with the view of the Burj Khalifa is great way to feel like you are doing life right!! They are open for lunch 12pm -4pm and for dinner 6pm-12:30am. I think dinner is more of a vibe if you have to choose!

Lastly, I did not make it to the spa but I heard amazing things about it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more :)

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