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Tolantango, Mexico - An Airbnb Experience

So, if you have not noticed by now, I am a HUGE fan of Airbnb experiences. I spent a few weeks in Mexico City at the end of August leading into the first week of September and had a blast.

From the amazing food and beautiful architecture to the community and excursions; Mexico City is a top destination of mine.

I will share more highlights from the trip but this post is specifically dedicated to Tolantango!

Las Grutas Tolantango is every water lover's paradise. A true oasis.

It is located 3-4 hours northeast of Mexico City in a picturesque canyon (captured below). The Tolantongo caves are a collection of hot spring pools built into a cliff in Hidalgo...the definition of a bucket list destination.

I visited the oasis with Airbnb experiences. If you decide to visit Tolantongo, I recommend you do the same! I say this because it's a long journey to do on your own and not to mention, the Airbnb hosts provided an all-inclusive, AMAZING experience.

The Experience:

We met the hosts in Centro at 5:30 am and they provided us with everything you would need for a successful day trip.

Everything included is as follows:


-blankets (for the ride up & back)


-entrance fee (150 pesos)

-water shoes


-a backpack that held battery charger packs, phone water protectors, flashlights, swim towels, bath towels, toilet paper, bug spray, sunscreen, shampoo, bar soap, and a mini first aid kit


Throughout our day at Tolantongo, we were given enough time to relax, get drinks, take photos and explore the thermal pools, have lunch by the river and even get in the river (it was warm as well due to the thermal springs).

There was also an option to zip line (not included in the price). However, I decided not to. One guy on the trip did and he said it was incredible.

After lunch, we were transported to another part of the site and basked in the waterfalls' beauty while exploring the caves. I felt literal bliss the whole time and did not want to leave.

There was a campground by the river, as well. Apparently, people camp out on the land very often. I would love to go back and do the same.

The Tolantongo site had a bar, a store, and showers. Before we headed back to Mexico City, the hosts gave us soap and a towel; to freshen up, and a bag for our wet swimsuits.

I enjoyed the elements of thoughtfulness and detail woven throughout the experience. I mean it would be quite uncomfortable to be sitting for 4 hours in wet clothes.

On our journey home, about halfway, we stopped by a bakery and were offered delicious pastries (not included in the excursion price), both savory and sweet, and were given portable phone chargers.

Noteworthy details

The best days to visit Tolantongo are Monday-Thursday. As you can imagine, the waters can get pretty packed Friday-Sunday with tourists.

Now to answer the big question you might have; the cost of this experience was $128/person. I felt the experience was worth the price, for sure and I am looking forward to my next trip out there.

I hope this review was helpful! If you have any questions or used this post as a guide for your trip, DM me on Instagram. I love hearing your stories!

Happy exploring :)



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