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Pink Eyed Penguins - South Africa

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Travel Tips & Origin: Penguin Colony Boulder Beach, South Africa

Boulders Penguin Colony! I took a peaceful walk down the boardwalk to see the penguins and was fortunate enough to see a lot of babies! Keep in mind, you’re by the water so it’s very windy and chilly. I definitely could have benefitted from having a jacket with me! Also, Beware of getting to close to them, they have razor sharp teeth!

Travel Tips:

1. Boulder Beach Penguin colony is open 7am-5pm

2. You can go as a group or individually

3. Summer is the best time to see the penguins as you will get the most penguin action

4. There is a small conservation fee charged to access the beach. Adults pay 5 USD per day and children pay 3 USD per day.

(Scroll down for more penguin cuteness)


1. The penguins first came to False Bay in 1983 from Dyer Island, which is near Gansbaai

2. There are 28 African penguin colonies, only four of these occurring on the mainland

3. This particular species has distinctive pink patches of skin above the eyes and a black facial mask. The pink glands above their eyes help them with thermoregulation. To cope with changing temperatures, blood is sent to the glands to be cooled by the air.

4. African penguin colonies are declining so fast that they are said to be extinct in 10years

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