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Koza Cave Hotel - Cappadocia, Turkey

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

If you're ever in the whimsical city of Cappadocia, Turkey I highly recommend booking a stay at the Koza Cave Hotel !

This family ran hotel has a beautiful operation to say the least. From the front desk, to the cook and the bartender; everyone is there to ensure you have a magical, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. The main allure of choosing this hotel was the world renowned rooftop with panoramic views of Cappadocia's fairy chimneys and hot air balloon flight. Koza Cave hotel actually has the highest rooftop in Cappadocia!

The hot air balloons depart from the corner of Pigeon valley at 6am sharp. In order to catch the first balloon flight we got up at 5:30am. The rooftop was literally two flights of stairs above our hotel room so as you can imagine we got the best spots.

Whether you are up there to catch sunrise or sunset, you may enjoy delicious apple tea or a class of wine; (provided by the staff) while enjoying the panoramic views of Cappadocia. They really make you feel like you are guest in their home. I felt like I was in a fairytale.

I came across some beautiful instagram clips of women in elaborate gowns running or posing with the view of the hot air balloons in the background and wanted to capture a similar experience. My trip to Cappadocia was one of 5 stops in a 2 month journey so carrying a gown was not very feasible. Thankfully, I came across a women who has a dress renting service for this experience specifically so I reached out to her. She actually also happens to be a member of the Koza Cave Hotel Family! The dress I chose was dry cleaned and waiting for me in my hotel room upon arrival. It came to about 50 euros ( about $57usd) for a 3 day rental and most certainly worth it. I still wonder how she got my size correct without asking! The dress fit like a glove!!

It is also common to book a professional photographer for about $300 usd to capture clear and crisp shots of you on the rooftop and the valleys of Cappadocia. I did not take advantage of it but the receptionist can provide you with more information on this opportunity; along with other activities!

The beautiful Turkish Kilim pillows and rugs that coat the rooftop really created a true authentic cultural experience.

If you do so happen to fall in love with the Turkish Kilim patterns, there is certainly not a shortage of them in town. If you follow the cobblestone roads down to the center of town you will find many bazaars (market places) and restaurants that sell Turkish Kilim quilts and rugs.

The Koza Cave hotel also provides complimentary airport shuttles, great reliable wifi, and clean and unique hotel rooms.

Have you ever imagined staying in a cave? Scroll down to the photos below of our room. They offer 10 unique room styles to meet your needs; ranging from Junior to Cave suite and Deluxe to King suite.

Each room also comes with nuts, dried fruit, water, and tea. The beds were extremely comfortable and the rooms kept us warm! Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and will definitely be returning! Thank you Koza Cave Hotel for creating such a magical experience! You can find them @kozacavehotel on instagram!

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