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Galavanting Through Love Valley - Cappadocia, Turkey

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Taking a sunset Gallop through Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey was so magical & peaceful!

Love Valley is one of the most fantastic valleys of Cappadocia.

Tips for your visit:

* located just outside of the town of Goreme, in Cappadocia.

* From Goreme to Love Valley it takes around 10 minutes by car, and from Uchisar around 15 minutes

* You can rent a driver, scooters or Horse riding, ATVs & Scooters to explore the region

* Horse riding start at 45 euros/person for 2 hours

* Scooters = 80-100 TL per day (7 euros)

* ATVs start at 35 euros for 2 hours

* There’s also an option to take advantage of the Quad Safari, where you can explore Love Valley on four wheels, while taking in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful valleys in the region.

* you can visit the viewpoint from above or you can trek right down to the base of these huge structures. It’s a safe and easy hike and you get a real feel of Cappadocia #vacation #dream #summer

The origin:

*The valley is named after the interesting fairy chimney formations and being popular with the couples for marriage proposals.

* The fairy chimneys in the valley are among the must-see spots.

* They are ancient structures that sit at over a thousand metres altitude that were Created by Mother Nature. Not man Made!


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