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Food Recommendations for Paris, France!

So I was reminded of how much I loved Paris after seeing a former schoolmate post that they were visiting. This inspired me to share the restaurants that excited to me in Paris! I hope this resonates with you and you find these food recommendations helpful for your next trip!

Here are my Top 3 Restaurants I recommend in Paris:


I love going to holybelly before I start my day of adventure! The vibe is cool, young, and hip and my go-to meal is the pancakes, bacon and eggs!

They also have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options available!


The French Onion Soup here is AMAZING! Every time I go back to Paris I always have to make a stop here! Like yes we are in France but this particular french onion soup is to die for!! The cheese is melted to perfection and the bread tastes so fresh and just melts in your mouth after being submerged in the broth. Classic order that I highly recommend!

The Foie Gras Ravioli is bomb as well (pictured to the right). Each bite has you craving more! It was truly amazing and a go-to for me. I am an adventurous eater but when I try something I like, that's exactly what I will get each and every time I visit!

Kong is such a vibe! It is more on the expensive side. However the experience and food is worth it! It's giving cocktail bar with elegance and great windows for views. You head up the elevators to the 5th floor and you will be wowed by its beauty and elegance. They serve Japanese food. Every dish looks decadent and tasty.

Friendly Caveat: The portion sizes are smaller and pricey. But I still think the experience is great! I went solo and loved everything from the people watching to the environment to the food. Very tasty!


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