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Chichen Itza - Yucatan, Mexico

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

If you are ever in Tulum, you have to check out the Mayan city nearby, Chichen Itza!

Travel Tips & Origin: Chichen Itza!

Chichen Itza , Yucatan, Mexico

While visiting Tulum, I knew I had to make a stop at the famous Chichen Itza, in the state of Yucatan, eastern Mexico! In order to make this trip and to explore other adjacent cities, I would recommend renting a car at the Cancun airport. Chichen Itza is a 1hr and 54min drive from Tulum. I got there about 20min early in attempt to beat the long lines and crowds so that I could get a quieter experience and human-free photo but it turned out that everyone had the same idea. To my surprise I was still waiting in a bit of line to get tickets but as soon as I got through, I went straight to the beautiful structure that is Chichen itza. Believe it or not, this ruined ancient Mayan city is one of the most visited places in the world. While it is pretty safe, beware of pickpocketers! The site is very open and honestly made me want to have picnic; somewhat similar vibes to that of the Eiffel Tour

Travel tips:

  1. Arrive at least 30-45min before opening to avoid long lines. Doors open at 8am and things get busier at 10am and onward

  2. You can purchase tickets online (highly recommend) - either sites work! Tiqets or Getyourguide . You can also Purchase tickets at the box office but I would recommend bringing cash as ATM machines can be unreliable.

  3. Since Chichen is an outdoor experience be sure to look at the weather before you go and dress accordingly. I went at the end of July and as you can see wore cool clothes but still had puddles of sweat in every nook and cranny

  4. Locals get free entry on Sundays so if you want to avoid crowds, I would avoid going on those days!

  5. After you get past the box office, you will see food and beverage vendors leading down the path to the structure so if you forget to bring water or are looking for a quick snack, you’ll be okay


  1. Chichen Itza is located on the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Yucatán

  2. This site was thought to have been a religious, military, political, and commercial center. At its peak, it would have housed about 35,000 people.

  3. The Mayan Tribe, “Itza” (where part of the name came from) settled there in 550.

  4. There are 2 big easily accessible cenotes on site which probably drew the Mayans to the site and made for a suitable city. This is where the first part of the site name come from: “Chi” (mouth) , “Chen” (wells)

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