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Are you a minimalist? Check out theTiny Home Airbnb in Joshua Tree!

A Stay at the Harebnb - Casita Conejo, A Tiny Home

I had been hearing all of this buzz around Tiny homes for a while now and I honestly struggled to grasp the concept of why anyone would want to invest in a small home. We often think, “the bigger the better”, (or maybe that’s just me) but I tend to look through this lens when setting goals for myself or even finding a nice place to stay. However, when I was looking to take a trip to Joshua tree, California for an impromptu getaway, I came across this beautiful 2 story, 300 sq ft Tiny home on Airbnb and could not resist taking advantage of this unique experience!


The decor was rustic modern with white, black, and teal accents sprinkled throughout the house, stainless steel appliances, and spanish/moraccan tile. Oh and lots and lots of photos, prints, and statues of rabbits.

For context, the owner calls the tiny home, Casita Conejo because the area of Joshua tree that the house is in is called, Conejo. Conejo is spanish for “Rabbit” and Casita is spanish for “house”! Pretty cute, if you ask me...

The rabbit influence is clearly woven throughout the home via the art from local artists. Additionally, the natural light that shined through the whole place gave it a very airy, clean and spacious feel.


Initially I thought a tiny house would feel claustrophobic and quick to clutter but this house was anything but that. The bottom floor consisted of a comfortable couch that folds out into a bed; if needed, a full sized kitchen, full bathroom, table, 2 chairs, and a tv. As you can imagine, in order to make a tiny home feel comfortable, the layout has to be very intentional. The layout seemed intentional but my only feedback would be to re-orient the placement of the bathroom...

There was one bathroom in the tiny home but I thought it was very interesting that the owner decided to build it by the kitchen. This could be a problem for someone because (1) the bedroom is on the top floor, which could be challenging for a late night sleep walk (or run) to the bathroom and (2) not every trip to the bathroom is scentless so cooking while either you or someone else taken care of business might not be ideal.

Upstairs consisted of a full size bed, a small closet, full sized mirror, night stand/bench, and a door that leads to a beautiful deck. The deck was my favorite part! I felt very serene and at peace sitting out there enjoying my tea for the sunrise and sunset. Also if you take a peak over the deck, you can see a nice wooden picnic table on the bottom floor to entertain guests outside as well

Mind you, this is still a tiny home so my thoughts are that 2 people who were minimalists could live there happily and comfortably. If you are someone like me who has a bunch of shoes and clothes, and are interested in living in a tiny home, I would recommend doing some spring cleaning ;) Or just rent the space out on Airbnb!


If you find yourself taking daily trips to Joshua Tree National Park this is a great option! This Harebnb is nested in a quiet and safe neighborhood and is an 11 minute drive from the park


The owner invested $165K in building the home and charges $165/night to stay on Airbnb

If you want more information on this Tiny House, Checkout my reels on IG (linked below) of the walk through and a video from the Owner on how the details and backstory on creating this beautiful space!

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